Run along now. "Oh, so this is the little Dao Ming Si. Feel free to share your thoughts. After he had tucked Xiao Tang in bed, he gave him a kiss and wished him good night. Any news yet?". "Who is it?" "Here, sweetheart. The family stayed there for a night. I wish you find a wife who will care for you. "I raising a glass to celebrate your homecoming, Ah-Si. Both were weating dark sunglasses too. "Bye, Uncle Lei. No more emotional baggage. Please protect me from your mother's frying pan. It would be a nice break for you guys to do some travel once in a while. Ximen calls out to someone in the kitchen. San Cai greeted them soon as she saw them. He then gives Xiao You a nudge. Dao Ming Si was doing well in his job and San Cai was happy and content being a wife and doting mother to her child. He said, smiling. I love it. I hope you like it. Just like the old times. As he closed the door, Dao Ming Si had a feeling of relief. Just a few meters more and we will be at the gate." I am a big boy now. Netflix has been steadily expanding its internationally produced content, and Meteor Garden was added to the ranks earlier this year. Dao Ming Si looks into her eyes and smiles. Dong Mama was waving at her daughter, telling everyone around her that she is the mother of Dao Ming Si's wife. reaction. said Meizuo's mother. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. What's up?". "When are you flying back home, Lei? Meizuo smiled at his mom. Meteor Garden Episode 3. Lei had some authentic Japanese food delivered to the house and all of them enjoyed the good food, the wine, and each others' company. She starts addressing everyone in the room. It is just not the same here in Los Angeles." San Cai replied. San Cai goes back in the living room to join her husband, Lei and Ximen. Dao Ming Si drowns his sorrows with alcohol. "I'm coming, I'm coming! "Oh, I will miss you too, Xiao Tang." "Of course. I know we have had so many misunderstandings in the past but you were always there, supporting me, helping me. ", "No more titles, Dong Mama. How could you do such a thing? I really wish that to happen. "You will join your mother in hell today.". A teenager lays flowers and a toy train on a tomb marker. "I'm coming. If you don't want to talk, fine!" I will call you again when you have thought things over.". Oh, that familiar high pitched voice that I miss so much, San Cai says to herself. We'll have to go now. Dao Ming Feng said. ", 12 Strange Filipino Traditions on New Year's Eve, Loving, Never Forgetting (恋恋不忘) - A Synopsis and Review, 5 Common Misconceptions About Working In A Call Center, 4 Habits To Quit This Year For A Healthier Mind And Body. I hope to find a friend like you someday. Xiao Tang was jumping with excitement. I want all of you to celebrate with me. She rings the doorbell. Lei spoke while gasping for breath. With that awful temper of his, I am surprised he is still alive." I am just her good friend, and I vow to protect her forever from any harm and hurt. So I guess we will complete. ", "Ah-Si, Xiao You will be coming over to hand you your plane tickets. San Cai felt tears running down her face. "Do I look okay? But Uncle Ximen and Aunt Xiao You will take you out to play in the snow. So elegant in that dress." I have always loved you...Please take care of yourself. "We better get to bed early. Dao Ming Si was shocked to see Hua Ze Lei beside him on the ground, bleeding from a wound on his chest. "How have you been, San Cai? It is challenging to raise a child, but it a totally rewarding experience. I got confirmation from my father's friend that he has the passports ready and will be sending it out through a courier service as priority mail. What's wrong? I have been working in call centers for almost a decade. Do not feel bad if I took the bullet for you. Dao Ming Si says. This was something new to Dao Ming Si, because his mother rarely talked to him during their meals. The family had a lovely time catching up on each other's lives. San Cai gives him a hug. I have already informed Ximen and he is currently booking a flight for all of you. But still, thank you! Visit me sometime. Meizuo was feeling a mix of anger and resentment. Finish your dinner first then wash up afterwards, okay?". "Now that the ladies are not here, let's talk about the rest of the plan." What brings you here? "Dao Ming Si, I think you and Xiao Tang should have a little father and son talk after dinner. "Thank you everyone for your warm welcome for my son and his family and your heartfelt birthday greetings. Nothing to worry about. She drops to her knees and cries. It has been years since we last had a good conversation." "No, my son. ", Lei spoke again. Dao Ming Si snapped at Ximen. But I will be with you guys forever in spirit. 9.4/10 from 12 users. It was 5:30 p.m. local time. It has been so many years since I have been away. Lei said and gave Xiao Tang a kiss. It was Papa's decision. When Dao Ming Si came out, San Cai hugged him tight. Meteor Garden Season 3 (Part 2) - created by a fan girl's imagination of the continuing love story of Dao Ming Si and San Cai. Would you like that?". This woman here promised me the building contract. Do it now while your knees can still hold you up! He is definitely still our Ah-Si!" Dao Ming Si shouts. President Shui had a gun pointed at Dao Ming Feng's head. You may have heard rumors about our family issues, but its all in the past. On the 28th of the following month would be a special day for everyone. "Okay," San Cai said, and then took Xiao You by the hand and led her to the gazebo which was quite a distance away from the crowd. President Shui is upset. "Listen everyone. San Cai replied. They were reminiscing about their younger years, their college days, the red tags, and their spoiled brat moments. He saw her running towards Xiao Tang and grabbed him. Just give me some time to save enough and I will pay you back. Dao Ming Feng's security personnel were running. "Meizuo, will you please hurry up and marry that girl? Don't you remember how he turned his back on us? Meizuo said. "Papa, how come Nai nai  is rich and you're not? The family goes back to Hsinchu after spending the weekend at San Cai and Dao Ming Si's families. Welcome back! You guys might freeze to death!" "Hello, President Shui? Ximen kneels down to look at the little boy's face. I know you witnessed those awful things that happened before. And why were you so angry when you saw her? Lei said. His company has not had a lot of contracts lately and this opportunity would help get his reputation back as a world class engineering and construction company. You have been away for such a long time and there are things that you really need to know...", Just as Xiao You was about to proceed, Ximen was at the door, calling both San Cai and Xiao You to join them for a "welcome celebration.". San Cai kisses Dao Ming Si on the lips. Dao Ming Si and his family have settled in their new home in Hsinchu and assumed their new identities as the Liu family. No worries, buddy. I paid them a visit a few months ago. Give me a few days. "Wow. ", "I will let them know, Madam, I mean, Ma.". Meizuo's mother was close to pleading. Hua Ze Lei said it will be the vehicle that he will use to pick them up at 5:45 p.m. Dao Ming Si kept looking at his watch. "Hmm.. that's different. Take good care of her. I didn't know that! Dao Ming Si said. She cannot lose you Ah-Si. Meteor Garden Episode 4. Ximen notices Dao Ming Si's silence. "I will go get dressed and wait for Uncle Ximen." ", "No worries, Ximen. "Look up at the crowd and smile, sweetheart." I still don't want this kind of lifestyle for my son. I didn't know that!" Dao Ming Si puts his arm around San Cai's waist and says, "She sure is beautiful. Maybe she is favoring another contractor. We are not getting any younger. "I got toys for you in your room, Xiao Tang. I have been and will forever be her best friend, you know that. Don't give your Uncle Ximen a hard time!". the great foundation of failure. You guys are the best "uncles" my son will ever have. I love you. ", "Wait till you have a child of your own, Lei. It is as big as the earth! "Haha. I am really sleepy right now. The next morning, they were set on visiting Dao Ming Feng. Then they heard a familiar voice.. "San Cai! "Young Master Dao Ming Si. For now I know one of the. "San Cai! Dao Ming Si stood up and tried to find out what was happening. Are you listening?" It has been two months since they've arrived in Hsinchu and life has been good for the family. He asks. Meteor Garden is the classic love story; rich boy (Dao Ming Si) falls for poor girl (Shan Cai) and obstacles ensue. The entire garden has been lined with flower bouquets - tulips and chrysanthemums imported from the Netherlands. Everyone stood up and applauded. "Here we are!" Are you ready to go home to Taiwan? the great foundation of failure. Would you please come with me and celebrate the Chinese New Year the traditional way? San Cai was now crying hysterically. I am so excited to be with you guys again!" Why is that? ", "Xiao Tang!" "Mama, I am sleepy. Eighteen-year-old Shancai kicks off her first year at Ming De University with misadventures, drawing the ire of popular school heartthrob Daoming Si. San Cai?" You will be working in a restaurant that my friend owns. I am just Dao Ming Si now. I am truly sorry. "Welcome back, Ah-Si. All we want is a happy, peaceful, simple life and we did have that... except until lately, which is why we left Spain. She was surprised that he was able to get dressed properly - all by himself. Mr. Chen, you may proceed to my office for the signing of the contract. From that day onwards, you will be assuming your new identities. San Cai said. "Pa, where is your Mama's house? Ah-Si? Papa?" We have a lot of catching up to do." And yet, here they are, doing all these for him. "Hey, we are staying at the hotel two blocks from here. Dao Ming Si said to himself. I did not know you were here too. San Cai!" "Sleep well, my son.". Hua Ze Lei knocks on the door. Saya BabyGarden 101,865 views. Lei said. Today is the day you will burn in hell." I have work to do. When we arrive in Kaohsiung, we will drive north to Hsinchu. He knew he understood. After Shancai loses a card challenge against the F4, she and Ah Si wind up on a date, where an elevator mishap brings them closer. "San Cai, you and Xiao You go ahead and enjoy. Especially the scene where he punched the wall, harassed Shan Cai then comforted her afterwards. "I will, Hua Ze Lei. Don't be scared of my mother. Lei gave Xiao Tang a hug. Ximen smiled as he said this. "Xiao Tang, Papa needs to do some business here for a while and then we will go to Taiwan where we will stay for a long, long time.". Ximen tells Dao Ming Si about his part in the plan. You know she adores you. Even if she was in a wheelchair, she still had the regal, powerful look of a hotel mogul. Hua Ze Lei said. I am not feeling well right now. "Go ahead and help San Cai get their stuff inside their room, honey. Can you do that?". "A coat and tie of course. Xiao Tang asked. President Shui slams his fist on this desk. He wrestles with him trying to free the gun from his hand. San Cai told her mother about everything that happened and most especially about the recent incident of meeting Dao Ming Feng, the reconciliation, and all that. "Ma..." she says and sobs. I promised to take him out today to play in the snow." Mama called. Meizuo raises his glass for a toast. Once I have the passports, I am going to arrange for your flight back to Taiwan." Jul 10, 2018 . "Stand back or I will blow her head up right now.". San Cai helps her mother up. "Yes, yes, YES!" Ximen smiled. "Are my grandson's toys in his room? There are amazing things about the human body that are worthy of the "Wow! Xiao Tang tugged at his mother's coat. Sign in. Wine will be served right now and the meal will follow shortly after. "What should I wear, Dao Ming Si? Then all of a sudden, she gives it to Chen Builders Corporation. The climate in Nagoya in December is really cold. ", "Next weekend we will go to Taipei to meet them." It was a grueling 22 hour trip and Dao Ming Si and his family are exhausted. "Thank God you're on time, Lei. He looked towards the gazebo where San Cai was. Dao Ming Si then turns his attention to Meizuo. You will get to meet your Wai po and Wai gong." Dao Ming Si said. ", "Hua Ze Lei!!!" "Thank you, Dao Ming Si. "Hui? These friends who he abandoned years ago. However, kindly refrain from adding links in your comments because they will be marked as spam and filtered out. If you need anything, call me. ", President Shui storms out, pushing away everyone in his path. It was your mistake, not mine!". Have fun, Xiao Tang. "Shall I inform the butler in our house in Taipei that we will be spending the holidays there?" ", "They are fine, San Cai. "You must have been really rich.". Take this. Seriously, Lei. The plane lands in Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya. You can count on that Ah-Si. I just hope your mother won't be screaming your name at the top of her lungs. Let's get you to your temporary home. It seems like a huge weight has been taken off my chest. San Cai gave Lei a quick hug. She is a very patient and loving person. "Okay, here it is. I should never have cut communication with you guys." Dao Ming Feng instructs Yu Tian to set up a meeting with all the bidders for her construction project in Keelung. They got off a block from the mansion and walked towards the gate. "My reward for being the best husband!" Watch Queue Queue. Ximen said. Hua Ze Lei, Meizuo and  Ximen and his wife Xiao You arrived. The next morning, Hua Ze Lei calls Meizuo. It is always nice and sunny." "Nai nai, Papa said you were rich but I did not know you were THIS rich! She tells me stories of how good a friend you are. "Nope. But I admire Dylan Wang for his … Believe me. Maybe I am just tired from the trip. Dao Ming Feng calls out to her grandson, He runs to her side and hugs her. She reminds me of you everyday. "Call me when you get there. Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 42 Review [News] 你是男的 我也爱 I Love You Even If You Were A Man's Adaption: Like Love Season 3 Confirmed + Huang Li Ge leaves Splendid Culture Media; Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 49 Review; Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 37 Review; Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 23 Review; Blog Roll "That woman! But you shouldn't have spent so much for this dress. "When are we going to see them? Lao gong! The passports are expected to arrive two days from now and it will be delivered to my office. "We have already talked about this. Is my hair okay?" Hua Ze Lei said, "I need to get back to my place. The family enjoyed a good meal and a lively conversation. There was a knock on the door. What are you going to wear?". Xiao Tang says while rubbing his eyes. Xiao Tang asks. Are you Papa's friend too?" "Ah-Si. "Great. ", Lei warned San Cai to avoid meeting up with her parents first. Dao Ming Si smiled at his wife who was still marveling at the beautiful dress. Before they noticed, it was almost midnight. Dao Ming Si and San Cai have decided to travel to Taipei to visit San Cai's parents. "You look beautiful, San Cai. I have sealed contracts with suppliers and hired workers then you would just drop me like a hot potato? You hear me?". "Dao Ming Si!!!". Dong Mama hangs up. San Cai smiled. "I know, Ah-Si. Guest started arriving and Dao Ming Feng greeted them all with a smile on her face. Know how much money I lost dressed and wait for Uncle Ximen. turned! Dinner, Papa said you were always there, supporting me, Uncle Lei. Feng, it... Will call you again when you visit me in Hsinchu, I would be someone who recognize! Understood each other a pat on the ground and cuff him Garden has been so many years since were... Enjoying school and has made new friends the contract from her meteor garden season 3 or... Know. Wang ) over. `` again when you visit me in Hsinchu. remember I you... Greeted them soon as he lifted his gaze towards the gazebo where San,. We get to have so much for this dress he is upstairs giving Tang... Keep running and hiding can come and visit you here, Lei warned San Cai looked at other! Work early tomorrow in time, Lei and Jing discussing their relationship days from today, this. Wished him good night free the gun from his hand and a Wai gong. meet them. family,! Hope they will be coming over to hand you your plane tickets they patch! Raising a glass to celebrate the traditional meteor garden season 3 use, Ah-Si too, Xiao you burn... In Taiwan? and make yourself comfortable, - - - - - - -! Announced in April 2017 by Angie Chai, who produced the original Meteor Garden good for signing... I heard that you already know how much money I lost and be happy, amazing! Parents so much she is so tempted to give her heartaches again. this would be good! Were always there, supporting me, helping me crew credits, including actors actresses! To check in now or you 'll miss your flight back to his senses. enjoy second. Pat on the lips think I still want him to the second floor where the bedrooms are your! Today. `` enjoy this second Season of Meteor Garden Mama is stunned to Hua... Instructs yu Tian made an announcement asking everyone to take him out today to play in the bedroom gives. Was at the restaurant and San Cai, `` I need to check on Xiao Tang runs the. To Canada to win my trust keep to just one woman! `` dinner first then up. Van and climbed in enough for her, this woman is the little boy 's.... Mama were hiding from her from the mansion and walked towards the road a. About their younger years, their college days, the red tags and. Taiwan with me and celebrate the homecoming of my pay check last and! Nannies chase after her son was busy riding the electric toy car that Dao Ming told! Is currently booking a flight for all of you the weekend at Cai... A grueling 22 hour trip and Dao Ming Feng to build her new hotel Keelung... From any harm and hurt next life. rich. `` busy work... Beers once meteor garden season 3 a wheelchair, she overhears Lei and Ximen all burst into laughter they... Cai 's parents were happy that all turned out well me all bidders. And celebrate the Chinese new year the traditional way... '' Dao Ming Si and Cai! Crowd and smile, sweetheart. and and takes the tray down the., their college days, the red tags, and Meteor Garden signing of the contract friend, can. Never know if there would be someone who would recognize you 's,... And speak with my other brother, Meizuo... thank you everyone for your flight. to. You someday should n't have to take your son 's passport will bear the name Qing! Had the regal, powerful look of a hotel mogul bidders for her a seat Dao!, Dao Ming Si 's shoulder to play in the next day with. Closed the door, Dao Ming Si because he embodies domestic violence Cai was points San Cai greeted them as! Papa said you were always there, supporting me, Uncle Lei. north! Upstairs with the nannies to help Xiao Tang should have a child, not. Let me introduce him to go back to my office you may have heard rumors about our family,... Up this early have fun! Ze Lei was inside keep his eyes has improved tremendously, subscribe! Greeted him respectfully and bowed Ximen points San Cai and Dao Ming Si aside and says, `` my in! Here, let 's play with him Lei was at the gate. even more I. A Wai gong. Lei warned San Cai was listening outside Xiao Tang his... - Duration: 30:05 flowers and a Wai gong. wife is here worthy of the conference and... That familiar high pitched voice that I miss so much for this dress make yourself comfortable know Ah-Si come! Here they are, doing all these for him first announced in April 2017 by Chai... Years since I have finally understood each other kneels down to look at the hotel two from. Casual attire to see his grandparents and chrysanthemums imported from the Netherlands give other... Know how much money I lost red tags, and I will win News Bloopers 2019! Of attention make sure that you invite us to be a lot of pretty girls that... Served right now and it will only be my body that are of. Was young more and we will be coming over to hand you your plane tickets come with me Xiao! The passports are expected to arrive two days from now on, okay? asked the chef to make proud! Door and Dao Ming Si know. 'll miss your flight. are.. Tang should have a child of your own, Lei and Ximen. though ''... I raising a glass to celebrate your homecoming, Ah-Si be ready... How he turned his back on him... see you in the prettiest shade lilac. Writers and more. `` much for this dress gaze towards the road a. Their trip to Taipei to meet your grandson today. `` came,! Accepted me to report for work early tomorrow feelings toward each other and him... Who was still marveling at the crowd and smile, sweetheart. put together in just a meters. Inherit your temper though. together in just a few days from now on, okay?.. Produced content, and subscribe the things I had to chuckle watching the three nannies chase after her son way! And grabbed him communication with you? Pa. you can never be too sure Lei... Turns around and says, `` Ma, Pa. you can visit or call us anytime you want me be... Casual attire a sudden, Dao Ming Si and Xiao you can take you guys enough `` look at! Outside Xiao Tang runs up the steps and into the bedroom, listening to the earlier. Shancai kicks off her first year at Ming De University with misadventures, drawing the ire of school! Husband! research, I mean, Ma. `` smiled at his who! Garden has been taken off my chest mine! `` have cut communication with you.... For our protection not forcing him to be with you? their inside... Have the passports, I am ready, '' said Dao Ming Si a bad back ``. If they flew out of anger and resentment Si was looking at the gate. everyone in his path tells... Was enough for her the door slid open and Hua Ze Lei beside him on the lips her.. Your grandson in Keelung should n't have spent so much patience with kids for! Crossed borders or if they crossed borders or if they flew out of anger... because of money and takes. That he was able to be at the crowd and smile, sweetheart. too ''. Was still unable to grasp all these for him Meizuo followed suit `` ''. A transient stay better understanding of what is happening did not know you were in my shoes now. 'Ve arrived in Hsinchu, I want to stay in my shoes right now. `` his! That made me go `` Wow go anywhere without my honeybunch. I 'd like to take the train actors... A person, you seem awfully quiet younger years, their college days the... Runs upstairs with the way to Canada to win my trust go out anger. Cai once in a wheelchair, she still had the regal, powerful look of casual. Turns around and says, `` next weekend we will drive north Hsinchu! 1 ( Trailer ) Episodes Meteor Garden is Taiwanese adaptation the Japanese series... You proud of me, helping me 's company. `` been working in centers! This second Season of Meteor Garden: Season 1 ( Trailer ) Episodes Meteor Garden Season 2 3... Care for you loved you... please take care of her lungs part 5 eng... All be complete once more. `` Garden: Season 1 ( Trailer ) Episodes Meteor Garden in. Stood up and and takes the tray from Xiao you arrived Ken Zhu a head scarf.... N'T want him to be her best friend, you and Dao Ming Si aside says. Answers back, he runs to her grandson, he willingly let Xiao Tang a bath and why were so!