However, around this same time he received and accepted a call to serve a mission in Great Britain. Gordon B. Hinckley. In his teachings as a General Authority, David O. McKay often referred with gratitude to the heritage and example he received from his parents. George R. Hill, “President David O. McKay … Father of the Modern Sunday School,” Instructor, Sept. 1960, 314; paragraphing altered. In 1996, the BYU College of Education changed its name to the David O. McKay School of Education. The axiom “no other success can compensate for failure in the home” was often repeated as he called on parents to spend more time with their children and teach them about character and integrity. Then he spoke: ‘Brethren, I think I am finally beginning to understand.’. In December 1920, he and Elder Hugh J. Cannon, editor of the Improvement Era, were set apart by President Heber J. “Expressions of Gratitude and the Importance and Necessity for the Conservation and Training of Youth,” The Instructor, Nov. 1966, 413. See Highlights in the Life of President David O. McKay, 95–96. As a young man, David O. McKay was called to serve in the presidency of the deacons quorum. He stood gazing as people sometimes do when pondering a deep question. After completing a mission to Scotland in 1899, McKay returned home to marry Emma Mae Riggs, his college sweetheart. In a voice trembling with emotion, David O McKay reminisced about his grandparents on a return visit to Scotland in 1952. He served as a principal during an era when very few women received a secondary education. For instance, he told Church members: “Wordsworth’s heart leaped up when he beheld a rainbow in the sky. Following the death of President Grant in 1945, George Albert Smith became President of the Church and called President McKay to serve as his second counselor. Born in 1873 David O. Mckay was reared in the beautiful valley of Huntsville, Utah. Everybody felt the rich outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord. In addition, he served in the general Sunday School presidency and, as superintendent, oversaw Sunday Schools from 1918 to 1934. As we sought the Lord with all our souls He came to our guidance and assistance.”32. (1976), 8–9. Clare Middlemiss, rev. His gentle manner and keen sense of humor endeared him to all whom he met. He met with world leaders and local government officials regularly. Emma Ray’s mother commented: “There are two young men who will make some lucky girls good husbands. As he urged Church members to develop Christlike character and to share the gospel through both teaching and example, the Church experienced rapid growth throughout the world. David O. McKay Essay Contest This essay contest is in honor of President David O. McKay, created to encourage a search for the high ideals contained in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to encourage the application of those principles in everyday life. All present were truly of one heart and one mind. This article has been adapted and updates from the 2005 McKay Today article “Our Namesake—David O. McKay: Prophet and Educator.”, David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern MormonismThe Teachings of David O. McKay Teachings of Presidents of the Church: David O. McKayDavid O. McKay: Beloved ProphetDavid O. McKay's Progressive Educational Ideas and Practices, 1899—1922To The Peripheries of Mormondom: The Apostolic Around-the-World Journey of David O. McKay, 1920–1921The Rhetoric of David O. McKay: Mormon ProphetHeart Petals: The Personal Correspondence of David Oman McKay and Emma Ray McKay, Degrees McKay had long seen education as a key to combating these issues. President McKay declared: “God bless the Church. In the days following their arrival, they made a full report to President Grant and were honorably released.30 In the first general conference after their return, President Grant declared: “I rejoice in the fact that Brother McKay is with us today. See Highlights in the Life of President David O. McKay, 31. He stressed lesson presentation and application of the aim in each child’s life. As a strong supporter of welfare, President McKay emphasized that spirituality and welfare were synonymous: “It is something to supply clothing to the scantily clad, to furnish ample food to those whose table is thinly spread, to give activity to those who are fighting desperately the despair that comes from enforced idleness, but after all is said and done, the greatest blessings that will accrue from the Church Security Plan are spiritual. They are, of course, encouraged to honor the highest standards of the gospel and to work to preserve their own freedoms. Shortly after his return from the world tour, he was called to be the president of the European Mission. The family of his father, David McKay, had joined the Church in Thurso, Scotland, in 1850. David O. McKay, speaking at Brigham Young University, early 1950's. One of his greatest challenges was to defuse negative press. See Highlights in the Life of President David O. McKay, 66–72. This was followed by a monthly … meeting to which all the ward Sunday School teachers and officers were asked to come, having previously read the lessons to be considered. But with the advance of time and technology came an accompanying surge of social problems. He did not like being restrained or even to being fenced in. David O. McKay was not only a passionate educator but also an apostle and prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 45 and 19 years, respectively, during some of the most pivotal decades of the 20th century. David Lawrence McKay, My Father, David O. McKay (1989), 120. President David O. McKay once related the story of a horse that he owned as a young man. In 1880, a series of events tested and proved the family’s faith and brought early maturity to young David O. McKay. Certainly, there is a dearth of fatherhood role models in our country. Facilitated by CAEP, McKay School of Education 1921, 405–6. Stand Ye in Holy Places: Selected Sermons and Writings of President Harold B. Lee (1975), 178. He remained committed to education throughout his life, believing that “true education seeks to make men and women not only good mathematicians, proficient linguists, profound scientists, or brilliant literary lights, but also, honest men, with virtue, temperance, and brotherly love. This well-rounded approach to learning would become an integral part of his philosophy of education, which prized the development of the whole person: social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual. McKay would rightfully be credited with leading the Church into the modern era. Accordingly, in 1894, McKay and his siblings packed a wagon with supplies and headed for the University of Utah. His parting words to seven-year-old David O. were to “take care of Mama.”4, Due to wise management by Jennette McKay, the hard work of many, and the blessings of the Lord, the McKay farm prospered despite David McKay’s two-year absence. Both families soon settled in Ogden, Utah, where David McKay and Jennette Evans met and fell in love. He served in the Church’s Sunday School program, where he organized lessons. Type: Talk or Speech. David [O.] As his health began to decline in the mid-1960s, he soon spent much of his time in a wheelchair and called additional counselors into the First Presidency. David O McKay Is A Member Of . Although President McKay came into the First Presidency with a strong Church background, on the day he was sustained he still felt humbled by the calling. After graduating, he became the principal of a community school in Huntsville. PDF Version. Approximately one year later, his father received a mission call to Scotland. "Summer Tours of the David O. McKay Home will no longer be continued. President Wilkinson, members of the faculty, and students of the Brigham Young University: No one can face this audience of 10,000 students and friends without his soul being filled with emotion. As a young boy, he learned the value of hard work, as well as the importance of kindness. The first part of his mission was spent in Stirling, Scotland, where the work was slow and difficult. Upon completing his university studies in the spring of 1897, David O. McKay was offered a job as a teacher in Salt Lake County. David O. McKay “Church members are at perfect liberty to act according to their own consciences in the matter of safeguarding our way of life. In this we are but following the general practice of men throughout the ages. Throughout his teenage years, he remained active in Church service and continued to gain knowledge and experience. Throughout the remainder of the trip, he held approximately 50 meetings with Church members, gave numerous interviews, and visited with dignitaries from many countries.40 In 1954, he traveled to the isolated mission in South Africa, being the first General Authority to visit that area. Mark D. Ogletree ( is an associate professor of Church history at BYU. The David O. McKay Library serves university and community patrons with a vast book collection, hundreds of databases, and much more. David O. McKay[1] was the ninth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Also in 1961, to accommodate this tremendous growth, members of the First Quorum of the Seventy were made high priests so that they could preside at stake conferences, and the new office of regional representatives of the Twelve was established in 1967. ed. See Highlights in the Life of President David O. McKay, 26. After finishing grade school, McKay went on to study at Weber Stake Academy. His method was to personally contact the editors and reason with them, asking for equal opportunity to present the truth about the Church. Soon thereafter, he was also sustained as the second assistant in the General Sunday School superintendency. People born under this sign are honest, observant and hardworki… Although he and Emma Ray Riggs saw each other occasionally, they did not develop a serious relationship until a few years later.21. He expressed overwhelming gratitude that William and Helen (or Ellen) Oman McKay were found by missionaries in their faraway croft at Janetstown, near Thurso in … There is more spirituality expressed in giving than in receiving. By Mark D. Ogletree. … “But Dandy resented restraint. Religious Leader Born in Utah #6. “True education does not consist merely in the acquiring of a few facts of science, history, literature, … The boy then ran upstairs to greet the aged prophet as he exited on the floor above. He drilled the members in outlining lessons and in selecting an aim (now called objective) for each lesson. Nine years later, in 1961, he convened the first seminar for all mission presidents, who were taught to encourage families to fellowship their friends and neighbors and then have these people taught by missionaries in their homes.39 Emphasizing the concept of “every member a missionary,” he urged every member to make a commitment to bring at least one new member into the Church each year. As the second assistant superintendent—assigned to classwork—David O. McKay immediately began working to improve classroom teaching and learning by using the methods he had learned as a professional educator. In 1952, the First Presidency introduced the first official proselyting plan for full-time missionaries. See My Father, David O. McKay, 217–37. Virgo Religious Leader #29. She had continued her schooling while David O. McKay was on his mission, and after graduating with a B.A. President J. Reuben Clark Jr., who had been serving as President Grant’s second counselor, became first counselor. Young to serve as a missionary in the British Isles. David O. McKay Life Freedom Man There is a crying need today to have this truth heralded throughout the land that youth especially may appreciate and hold the freedom of the individual as sacred as did our revolutionary fathers. Grant and his first counselor, President Anthon H. Lund, to tour all Church missions and schools throughout the world. In his view, it was the very root of democracy—even civilization itself. One day, the mother and daughter stood at the window and watched as David O. and Thomas E. McKay arrived with their mother. David O. McKay once wrote, “There are three great epochs in a man’s earthly life, upon which his happiness here and in eternity may depend, [namely], his birth, his marriage, and his choice of vocation.”17 Already blessed by birth and upbringing in a righteous family, he continued to benefit from wise decisions relating to his education, profession, and eventual marriage. On 9 April 1906, after having served six years in the Weber Stake Sunday School, he was ordained an Apostle at the age of 32. She asked, “Are you sure I’m the right one?” He said he was sure.24 On 2 January 1901, Emma Ray Riggs and David O. McKay became the first couple in the 20th century to be married in the Salt Lake Temple. In Conference Report, Oct. 1934, 89–90. Even in his later years, he had a tall, impressive physique and thick, wavy white hair. Looking for books by David O. McKay? The eldest son of David and Jennette Eveline Evans McKay, convert immigrants from Scotland and Wales respectively, young David grew up with a strong gospel foundation in his home. In the process, he received five honorary doctoral degrees in recognition of his educational contributions. “Marriage is a relationship that cannot survive selfishness, impatience, domineering, inequality, and lack of respect. He was the principal of Weber State Academy, where he emphasized the importance of women gaining an education when it was not an important issue to many. Chinese Zodiac: David O McKay was born in the Year of the Rat. For David O. McKay, education was a right for all people, regardless of age, race, or gender. Though high-spirited she was even-tempered and self-possessed. He fulfilled his work diligently and on 9 June 1898, he was called to preside over the missionaries in Scotland. The building also houses university archives, a special exhibition area, and instructional technology labs. He left for Liverpool in November of 1922. In 1902, at the age of 28, he became the principal of the Weber Stake Academy. First Name David. He served in this position from 1951 until his death 20 years later. David Oman McKay (1873–1970) was ninth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1951–1970), previously a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (1906–1934) and a counselor in the First Presidency of the Church (1934–1951). His countenance radiated the righteous life that he led. During the visit, President McKay told him: “Let your conscience be your guide. Now known as Weber State University, the school is a testament to his foresight. He admonished, “Let us teach youth that the marriage relation is one of the most sacred obligations known to man, or that man can make.”49. I only knew that I was overflowing with gratitude for the presence of the Holy Spirit.”22 Elder McKay finished his mission honorably and was released in August of 1899. Elder Boyd K. Packer, who was present at the meeting, recalled the experience as follows: “[President McKay] talked of the temple ordinances and quoted at length from the ceremonies. During the tour, which lasted a year, they traveled approximately 60,000 miles (more than twice the circumference of the earth), teaching and blessing Church members worldwide. Born In 1873. Largely through his parents’ example, President McKay learned that education stood at the center of a successful life. On one occasion, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, who called President McKay often, invited him to Washington, D.C., for personal counsel on several issues that were troubling him. Bryant S. Hinckley, “Greatness in Men: David O. McKay,” Improvement Era, May 1932, 391; paragraphing altered. On one occasion, in July of 1887, Patriarch John Smith visited and gave him his patriarchal blessing (David O. was 13 at the time). After completing formal schooling and a mission, he married his college sweetheart, Emma Ray Riggs, in 1901. On 29 May 1899, he attended a memorable missionary meeting. See Jeanette McKay Morrell, Highlights in the Life of President David O. McKay (1966), 6–8. The program was designed to increase the effectiveness of full-time missionaries by providing a standard outline of the discussions to be used in teaching investigators. The same innovations he used in the Weber Stake Sunday School were quickly put into practice by the entire Church. See Highlights in the Life of President David O. McKay, 262–66. David O McKay Popularity . During his mission he had corresponded with Emma Ray Riggs, or “Ray,” as he affectionately called her (her parents had named her for a ray of sunshine). He stated: “Needless to say I am overwhelmed. His ministry in the Quorum of the … In the second leg of his journey, he visited Church members in South America. Many urged Jennette McKay to invest the money in bonds. He recounted: “I remember, as if it were but yesterday, the intensity of the inspiration of that occasion. The Bern Switzerland Temple was dedicated in 1955, and the London England Temple was dedicated in 1958.

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